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Welcome to the Enrichment Center for Women, Children, and Families, we are a Paterson New Jersey based center who focuses on providing services for the betterment of community’s health, wealth and future well being. The Enrichment Center serves to inspire intellectual, social and physical development through programs and services that will enable women, children, and families to eliminate the disparities in education, health, and economic injustices in the urban community of the City of Paterson.  Join us in our efforts to bring the highest quality programs to Paterson.




The Enrichment Center for Women, Children, and Families, a non-profit organization, is the corporate successor of the former Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) of Paterson New Jersey.

The YWCA was organized in 1901 to fill the practical and inspirational needs of young women. At that time we were located on Church Street where the Paterson Board of Education currently resides.

In 1955, the YWCA relocated to 185 Carroll Street. It was housed in the previous summer home of former Vice President Garrett A. Hobart.

In 2012 in keeping with the changing needs of the Paterson Community, we re-organized ourselves as the Enrichment Center for Women, Children & Families.


We deliver programs for those from 8 to 80.  Our focus is to create, build and re-educate our community to meet the needs of our emerging 21 century.

After School Enrichment Program


Senior Lifestyle Program

The Enrichment Center’s Senior Lifestyle Program is designed to engage seniors who are “aging in place”. The Center offers a variety of formal and informal activities. The Monday through Friday lunch series offers seniors a healthy meal along with preparing healthy, affordable meals at home.

The Center Kitchen

​The Center Kitchen is a 1200 sq. ft. commercial kitchen complete with two dry storage units, a walk-in refrigerator & freezer unit, a Hobart dishwasher, and an office. It also has two adjacent dining rooms and big enough to provide a space for culinary chefs who desire a convenient place for a culinary production.

Got an idea for a new business in the field of food preparation? The Center Kitchen is the place to realize your dream without having to absorb crushing start-up costs or leasing rates. The Center Kitchen can make that dream a reality.
In addition, we can assist and guide you with any additional business needs through our growing network of experts to consult with you. For your convenience, the kitchen is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week.  The kitchen is located at The Enrichment Center at 185 Carroll Street onsite parking is available with a secured entrance on Ellison Street.

For more information on The Center Kitchen along with Dining/Event Space or to take a tour contact or get our rates please contact us at 973.684.6408


Summer Fun Program

The Summer Fun Program is a goal-oriented program that focuses on helping to lessen the summer learning gap—by providing activities that stimulate children’s learning and emotional development in an environment that is safe and nurturing while challenging children to strive to their best potentials, and building the self-esteem and confidence needed for further growth.

During the Summer Fun Program’s eight week sessions, children attend small classes focusing on literacy (involving reading, writing, and problem solving), mathematics, and arts and craft.  The children also participate in indoor and outdoor activities, such as sports and aquatics. Once a week, the children go on field trips to the zoo, the aquarium, the pool, and the movies to relax and enjoy time together.

Music Satellite Program  

The Music Satellite Program’s mission is to instill life-long knowledge of self and culture, provide healthy social development, and prepare the young individuals with success in their future all through the practice of music.
The ECWCF summer dance program is to help young individuals explore movement, space, and rhythm. The program also serves to improve children individuals’ flexibility, develop proper balance, body posture, coordination, dance fundamentals and performance skills. The dance class also helps the young prodigies build confidence in an atmosphere of fun and learning. ​

Get Connected

The Enrichment Center for Women, Children, and Families is currently partnered with organizations such as the Paterson Alliance, Urban League of Essex County, Paterson Board of Education, etc. Become one of our partners today by contacting us using the information used on our Contact Us page.


The Enrichment Center is the host site for Paterson’s AARP Chapter 15. Meetings are held every 2nd Wednesday of the month. AARP enhances the quality of life for all as we age. We champion positive social change and deliver value through advocacy, information, and service. Our Vision Statement: A society in which all people live with dignity and purpose, and fulfill their goals and dreams.


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